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    • 2008

      We went into business, came up with our own brand and turned our first customers into regular customers. The beginning of a beautiful friendship, like they said in Casablanca.

    • 20092010

      Our St. Petersburg office was opened, and we opened the doors to the Russian graphic design and printing market. Back then, we mostly worked for offline customers. What can we say, had to be done.

    • 20112012

      The year of major changes and we feel these were for the best. We moved to the online market almost completely and started specializing in branding and online marketing. Things do not stop here, in fact, they never stop at all.

    • 2017

      We infiltrate the secret world government and eliminate all competition. Our designers create the identity for the First Martian Expedition. Like we said, things just never stop happening.

    Birds need wings to fly, pop stars need a mouth to sing (though we`re not completely sure on this one), and your business needs to communicate with the people out there as efficiently as possible. This is what we think design is all about. We present your business ideas in such a manner they impress right away, are perfectly easy to use and keep people coming back for more.

    We like reaching goals which are hard to reach. For us, a dream project is creativity and efficiency, simplicity and features, fast turnaround and complexity all brought into one. Otherwise, why do you even need a logo or a web site if they are not parts of a holistic strategy driving your business to success? Ready to make an impact and have your name in the business hall of fame? Then let`s keep going!

    Our philosophy

    That`s right, we do have a philosophy. Everything our portfolio has in it came at a cost of tens of thousands of calories spent while looking for the perfect marriage between beautiful form and function. We believe great-looking things can and must deliver great results. Feature-richness and beauty should not be opposites. Handle a challenging task in the best way possible, find a combination of ingredients which would please the eye and the mind for years on end, this is what we are looking for every single day. Unless we reach that nobody gets any milk and cookies!