• Design
  • Branding
  • Promos
  • Support
  • Pricing

    • Design+

      • Web site design, starting from, depending on complexity
      • 1-page landing design, starting from
      • Interactive banner, depending on complexity
      • Logo design, 3 banners, web site (5 pages max)
    • Branding and corporate identity +

      • Logo design, starting from
      • Letterhead and business card design
      • Brand name, logo, domain name
    • Ads and marketing +

      • Contextual ads, full campaign management
      • SE marketing and site audit
      • SE marketing campaigns, starting from
      • Social profile creation and support
    • Copywriting and content services +

      • Russian/English, per 1,000 characters
      • Russian/English translation, per 1,000 characters
    • Site maintenance and support +

      • Support, structural changes and updates
      • Social profile support
    • Miscelanneous +

      • CMS integration
      • Basic site hosting

    Let`s not get hung up on details. You want your product to look good, be efficient and help you reach your goals. We will do everything needed to achieve this. Conceptualizing, branding, design, marketing, we will bring these together to create a strategy which will help you succeed.


    Virtually anything. Web and print design, corporate and e-commerce sites, major CMS templates, one-of-a-kind promo sites, any marketing tools and other stuff which we didn’t include here. We guarantee it will look killer, be exceptionally catchy, and generate the results required. We like doing this, and we like doing this fast.


    We all know you won’t make it very far without a brand today. We’re ready to plant your message into your customers’ minds forever building a brand with all the required elements, including a name, a logo, a corporate identity package, a domain name and anything else your brand may need for a long and prosperous life.


    We’re ready to handle your marketing tasks just like they’re supposed to be handled. Our approach is holistic, efficient, and transparent. Anything is possible, search engine marketing, social media, pay per click campaigns and more. Nobody will ever give you the whole picture of these things. We will.

    Support and maintenance

    We will never leave you to deal with complex marketing tasks all by yourself. All our projects get love and support from us for as long as they’re around. Any modifications, additions, marketing tool updates, more writing, designing and promoting. Hit us up, we’ll talk about it.