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    Sure, we have just three sections here and it’s virtually impossible to cover all that we work on every day with just that. It`s not just about web sites, print design and branding. We also love user interface design for software and websites, we enjoy building marketing tools and modules for offline and online use, we are crazy about illustrations and a whole lot of other things. We are all about being honest and open, even more than being modest, so we decided to show our best work outside the three categories you`ve already seen right here.

    Our awards

    Working just to make money? Way too boring. We always aspire to make our next work better, brighter, classier than the previous one. We`re so lucky that there are people out there who notice that and do not work for us. It`s really amazing that some of our work not just makes us and our customers happy but also earns us awards from recognized industry professionals. Here are the most prestigious awards we received:

    Words are too weak for us to say how totally happy we are to get support from those who share our vision. Don`t doubt it, we have every intention to keep up the good work and make sure we always have great works to show with beauty, style and functionality balanced perfectly. Come back for more, we add new projects regularly – and thank you so much!

    All other works not categorized as banners, branding, or print design:

    • PH Promo

      Promoheads Promo Materials

      PromoHeads ads.
      Marketing tool design for PromoHeads.

    • Good!dea media


      Posters for Good!dea.
      Poster design for the offices of Good!dea media ltd.

    • onMonitor Pictograms

      onMonitor Pictograms

      Icon set for an Android app.
      Icon set for onMonitor, an Android-based app.

    • Coming soon...

      Updates are coming!
      Currently this is all we have here.